Open to children aged 4-12, our clubs provide an opportunity to take part in sports, games and physical activity alongside making new friends, all within a friendly and welcoming setting.

We aim to promote an environment that is multi-faceted; we achieve this through a programme that incorporates educational aspects so that children are able to gain an insight into healthy lifestyle choices alongside the sporting aspects.

OFSTED registered

Safety Protocol

Alongside the guidelines that have already been implemented by the host school we have also introduced some additional procedures that are specific to our holiday club.

Social BubblesSocial Bubbles

Children assembled into age-specific groups that remain consistent daily (where possible).

Bubble HQBubble HQs

Groups assigned to a home base where belongings are kept and breaks take place.

Bubble BossBubble Boss

Nominated staff will remain with their bubble throughout the summer (excluding illness and annual leave).

2m RuleSocial Distancing

All aspects of the day adapted to ensure that activities, drop-off and collection are completed safely.

Hand HygieneHand Hygiene

Recurrent washing of hands during regular intervals of the day will be consistently adhered to.


Measures put into place for frequent spot cleaning of equipment, surfaces and other key contact points.


Only food, drink and clothing permitted into the club - all belongings stored in personalised storage bags provided.

First AidFirst Aid

Permission will be sought from parent/carer to provide First Aid - staff will wear PPE to administer treatment.

Flexible and affordable pricing... 

Our short term pricing considers the introduction of additional safety procedures we are putting into place.

Kick Off

Wrap Around AM

08:00 - 09:00


First Half

Half Day AM

09:00 - 12:15


Full Day

AM to PM

09:00 - 15:30


Second Half

Half Day PM

12:15 - 15:30


Extra Time

Wrap Around PM

15:30 - 17:00


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Get rewarded with one of our R Values Certificates!

Our standards are established through our ‘R Values’ framework. We have an expectation that all children display these values whilst they are with us so that positive behaviours and good manners are reinforced throughout their time with us.

Children who have displayed any of these components are presented with a certificate to celebrate this at the end of each day - we do this in front of the whole group so that they feel enriched and excited about their achievements.